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Serena Earrings | purple
Serena Earrings | purple Sale price€19,99
Earrings spicy | Silver
Earrings spicy | Silver Sale price€13,99
Necklace pendant with charms | silver
Necklace pendant with charms | gold
earrings round | gold
earrings round | gold Sale price€16,99
Earrings rectangular | silver
Earrings rectangular | Gold
Earrings rectangular | Gold Sale price€17,99
earrings zirconia stones | Silver
earrings Inspiration | gold
earrings Inspiration | gold Sale price€15,99
Earrings heart green | Silver
Earrings pearl | Gold
Earrings pearl | Gold Sale price€14,99
Earrings pearl | Silver
Earrings pearl | Silver Sale price€14,99
Earrings Shimmer Spark long | Gold/green
Love Earrings | Green/gold
Love Earrings | Green/gold Sale price€17,99
Earrings zircon heart | silver
Earrings star | pink
Earrings star | pink Sale price€14,99
Desire Earrings | gold/lilac
Desire Earrings | gold/lilac Sale price€14,99
Desire Earrings | silver
Desire Earrings | silver Sale price€14,99
Colorful anchor link earrings square | blue
Colorful anchor link earrings square | mint
Serena Earrings | green
Serena Earrings | green Sale price€19,99